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Hypnotherapy is a method of psychotherapy that uses hypnosis for treatment. The patients’ mind is completely relaxed, they are not distracted by external stimuli, thus they become more receptive to suggestions. This allows one to purposefully achieve results that cannot be achieved by willpower alone.

Hypnotherapy helps reduce anxiety, regain emotional balance, overcome sleep disorder. Hypnotherapy is also used in the treatment of addictions and phobias. During the first session, you will also learn the basics of self-hypnosis and be able to practice on your own later. You will be treated by a qualified, medically trained hypnotherapist who has completed hypnotherapy studies in the United States.

Hor me or Mongolian moxa

A traditional Tibetan treatment that uses warm compresses. The treatment is gentle and non-invasive: compress pouches made of a spice mixture heated in sesame oil are placed on certain points of the body. Mongolian moxa effectively relaxes the body and mind, relieves stress and anxiety, helps the recovery of those suffering from depression and insomnia, and improves general well-being.


The concept of psychotherapy is very broad. The therapist, well acquainted with the patient’s condition, can use a wide variety of methods to help the patient overcome behavioral disorders, restore the psychological and emotional stability, and solve problems caused by disorders. Our psychotherapists thoroughly assess the condition of our clients and select the most appropriate treatment for each individual.

Thai Massage

Thai massage is also called passive yoga, because during the session in addition to acupressure yoga-like stretching exercises are done with the help of the massage expert according to traditional Thai methodology.

The effect of Thai massage is multifaceted – it relaxes the body and calms the mind, improves blood and lymph circulation, relieves tension and chronic pain, improves joint mobility, and helps recover from injuries.

Vacuum Cups Treatment

Known since ancient times, massage with vacuum cups is a safe and effective wellness procedure that stimulates blood and lymph circulation, relieves joint and muscle pain, improves joint flexibility, and relaxes muscles.

SPA manicure and pedicure

A relaxing treatment for your hands and feets. It includes nail, finger, palm, foot, hand and foot skin care, masks, massage, manicure, pedicure and gel application. As hands and feet are one of the most sensitive parts of our body, SPA manicure and pedicure is very pleasant. Aromatic oils, special scrubs, baths and paraffin socks are also used during the session – these products nourish, moisturize the skin and relax even more.

Restorative Massage

Allows the transmission of nerve impulses to the brain, which in turn trigger various health-promoting processes in the body. Thanks to restorative massage, it is possible to achieve normal development of the muscle skeleton, prevent curvature of the spine as well as degenerative processes in the joints and spine, improve breathing and increase the level of the body’s immune defenses.